Acoustic Shock Claims

What is Acoustic Shock Injury?

Acoustic shock injury is caused by exposure to short, unexpected, high-frequency sounds. Acoustic Shock Disorder (ASD) occurs when exposed to a sound that is perceived as traumatic for the ears. These sounds are usually very loud, unexpected and usually occur close to the ear. The shock is usually caused by an extremely loud or high-pitched noise or where prolonged beeps are exposed down the line.

The unexpected noise results in hearing loss, a whooshing, buzzing or whistling sound in the ears which is known as Tinnitus and a range of physiological and psychological health issues. Other symptoms of this condition have been described as numbness, burning sensation in the ear, headaches,

What Can Cause the Injury?

Call centre workers are commonly affected by this condition where they are exposed to loud noises on the phone or headset. Industrial workers and those who work around loud equipment and machinery are also at risk of acoustic shock as they may be exposed to sudden and unexpected sounds which can cause hearing damage.

There can be various reasons or causes including:

Faulty telephone or headset equipment
Transmission faults on a telephone network
Gun shots and explosions

If you have suffered from ASD, we can assist you in making an acoustic shock injury claim against your employer. We will investigate your case and if your employer is found to have been negligent you may be entitled to compensation. We always work on ‘no win no fee’ terms.

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How will we run your case?

You will have a dedicated lawyer dealing with your case. On your behalf, they will instruct specialist medical experts and barristers (if necessary) and begin the process of liaising with the defendant. Keeping you informed along the way.

What happens next?

Once you have made contact with us, one of our specialist personal injury Solicitors will see if you have a case. Once your case is taken on we will enter a “No Win No Fee” agreement with you and start your claim.